USB uEye XS Auto Focus camera     
  • Ultra Compact: Ideal for applications with space restrictions
  • 5mp, 1.4um pixel size, 15fps at full resolution
  • Weighs 12 g: Compact magnesium housing: 23x26,5x21,5mm
  • Auto focus lens (starting at 10 cm up to ∞)
  • Ideal for Robotics, ATM Kiosk, Embedded systems, Etc
  • Rolling Shutter, Anti flicker mode,
  • Extremely relaible uEye cockpit software, no hangs or blue screen
  • Built in Temperature Sensor,
  • Ambient temperature range: 0-35°C/32-95°F
  • Full HD video

Download catalog: UI-1005XS-C

The USB 2.0 uEye XS is particularly suited for the following applications due to its size, multiple additional auto mode features and autofocus lens system:
  • ATM kiosk & Embedded systems
  • Access controls
  • Biometry
  • Medical engineering
  • High Resolution Webcams