Analog Cameras

Sony offers a wide range of standard and specialized analog cameras.

XC-ES Series

They are ultra compact, lightweight one-piece black and white camera modules. Process control and inspection applications that could not be done because of size and weight limitations now can. These cameras can provide an economical alternative for most remote camera-head applications.

A table of all available XC-ES models can be found HERE (hyperlink)

XC-HR Series

For demanding applications that require high frame rates and high resolution, choose the Sony XC-HR series of progressive scan cameras.

A table of all available XC-HR models can be found HERE (hyperlink)

XC-ST Series

These cameras incorporate the innovative CCD and signal processing technologies into a compact black and white camera module.

A table of all available XC-ST models can be found HERE (hyperlink)

XC-555 Color

They are ultra-compact, integrated ½” IT CCD Colour cameras ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as machine vision, multimedia and remote monitoring.

A table of all available XC-555 models can be found HERE (hyperlink)

Digital Cameras

With their high frame rates, and compact, robust design, these cameras are the right choice for today’s wide range of machine vision applications, ranging from demanding factory automation and traffic control to food, agriculture, and pharmaceutical applications.

Camera Link interface
XCL Series

Featuring four models equipped with a digital video interface that conforms to the Camera LinkTM industry standard. These new cameras enable the capture of high-speed, high-resolution   images while simplifying connectivity to machine-vision systems with  its standard 3M MDR 26-pin cable.

A table of all available XCL models can be found HERE (hyperlink)

Firewire IEEE1394.b
XCD Series

The digital output cameras conforming to IIDC 1.31 protocol and a variety of resolutions and frame rates to choose from, selecting the right camera for your machine vision application has never been easier. Ideal for industrial machine vision applications such as object recognition, inspection, measurement, alignment and more.

A table of all available XCD models can be found HERE (hyperlink)