Machine Vision Lenses Overview

We sell Kowa, Navitar, Pentax, Fujinon, Myutron, Computar, Tamron, Tokina, Varifocal Optotune and Non distortion FA lenses at very competitive prices. We can also offer a variety of accessories for these machine vision and CCTV camera lenses.

New products include 1" sensor format & 10-megapixel series FA lenses, megapixel and current control varifocal lens module. Click on a particular lens manufacturer to view their list of products, technical specifications.

These are the Optic brands our cameras can support :

iSolutions Technology is the Main Authorised Distributor for Optotune products since 2013. With Optotune’s tunable lens technology it is possible to design optics that can adjust to a variety of objects. Imaging systems can be focused within milliseconds at distances from 3000 to 50mm maintaining high optical quality. With no translational mechanics involved, the entire optics can be made compact, robust and dust-free. Focus-tunable lenses can also be used to adjust lighting parameters to offer increased flexibility and reduce the number of light sources or the overall power consumption.
Watch Video: Optotune Tunable lens

  • Focus within milliseconds
  • Working distances from 3000 to 50mm
  • Maximal flexibility

Kowa is well known as a quality manufacturer developing State-of-the-Art Optics for more than 40 years. In Japan. Over the past 4 years, They have gradually expanded its portfolio of Megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, telecentric lenses, and large format lenses. All machine vision lenses are designed. Kowa offers wide variety of fixed focal, vari-focal, and motorized zoom lenses ideal for security/surveillance.  Also offers line of high quality mega pixel and machine vision lenses, including a 10-megapixel lens series. Also specialized in 1" format fixed focal lens.
CCTV Lens: Kowa CCTV Lens
Factory Automation Lens: Kowa FA Lens

Tamron is the pioneer in revolutionary varifocal lenses for surveillance cameras that meet modern needs for high performance in a compact size along with high versatility. We employ state-of-the-art technology to lead the industry in developing an abundant variety of varifocal lenses. We also have a broad lineup of ultrahigh-performance lenses for image processing in FA (Factory Automation) and MV (Machine Vision). Reputed to be reasonably priced among competitors and excellent image quality.
Download catalog: Tamron CCTV

Navitar offers low to high magnification Zoom lenses in the following formats: 1", 2/3", 1/2" and 1/3". Quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, result in video optics that are sharp, high-resolution and optically precise. We offer a complete range of imaging lenses for every industrial and robotic image processing application.

Fujinon CCTV lenses, with the increasing use of high-resolution CCD/CMOS in recent years, even among cameras in the FA/machine vision markets, we offer 20 models of compact, lightweight, high-resolution, low-distortion lenses including those with a coverage of 6 to 75 mm suitable for cameras of up to 1.5 megapixels and 185-degree omnidirectional fish-eye lenses suitable with cameras of up to 5 megapixels. Reputed to be Cost effective and good built quality.
CCTV fisheye Lens: Fujinon fisheye CCTV Lens
FA Lens: Fujinon FA Lens

Myutron Inc, produces high quality FA lenses used in Machine Vision and CCTV Surveillance. Lenses include 5 Megapixel low distortion, CCTV IR Zoom, 1” format fixed focal C-mount, Macro, line Scan and Telecentric. Have a look at their high resolution, low distortion, 1" large format 5mp lens : Myutron Lens

Computar offers a wide variety of Machine vision fixed focal & varifocal, as well as manual/motorized zoom lenses.   Ideal for security & surveillance applications.  Also offers line of high quality mega pixel FA lenses

Tokina, a Japanese manufacturer of high quality CCTV lenses, offers one of the Best auto-focus motorized zoom lenses (standard and day/night types), and a full line of varifocal and fixed lenses (standard and megapixel types).
CCTV Lens: Tokina CCTV Zoom Lens
Factory Automation Lens: Tokina FA Lens
Telecentric and Macro Lens: Tokina Telcentric & Macro Lens

Lensation GmbH, offers high quality lens for industrial cameras in the FA/machine vision markets, ranging from high-resolution, low-distortion, Macro, Telecentric, Varifocal lenses to Special S-mount lenses for large format sensors up to 1" or 10 megapixel resolution.
We are the only company in asia Pacific to sell Lensagon Lensation product.
Download catalog: Lensation Optics