EAGLE Frame Grabbers                 
High quality colour and monochrome frame grabber for industrial use.

The EAGLE is a high quality colour and monochrome frame grabber combining the features of an industrial product like an external trigger and industrially suitable plug-in connectors at an extraordinary value for money. It is 100% driver compatible with the FALCON(plus) frame grabber. It offers video input connectors for up to 4 monochrome a/o composite and V/C color cameras. All current video-standards like PAL, NTSC and SECAM are supported.

- Image resolution 768x576 pixels
- Multi-card operation
- 4 HIROSE sockets with 12 pins inclusive 12 V camera    power supply 
- 1 Trigger input
- Video controlled output for flash synchronization      
- 1 digital output, 1 digital input (TTL)
- Fast switching between the channels
- Overlay function via Direct Draw
- Software Development Kit for Windows 95/98, NT 4.0,    Windows ME, W2K, XP, Vista and LINUX   
- HALCON and Video for Windows drivers free of charge    available
- TWAIN driver available in download area

Product Name SVHS-VIDEO Input 12 pin Hirose Input Simultaneous Grabbing CVBS-VIDEO Output I/O Form Factor Download Brochure




32bit, 33MHz PCI

Eagle PCI