BGA Vision Inspection System

We have the ability to do any types of BGA packages vision inspection on your existing equipments without affecting the production throughput.  

Our vision solutions will be able to provide a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the Production Operators to select different product files. Start/Stop/Resume functions, with the inspected images (both PASS & FAIL) on the screen. 

Optional Supervisory & Administrator level can created for amending of vision system parameters and “teaching” new products mode.

Additional features :
  • Auto saving of defected BGA images
  • Conversion of pixels to real units ( mm, um or mils)
  • Low production yield warning
  • Multi Level password access (operator, supervisory, administrator)
  • Number of units inspected / Defects
  • Measurement of X, Y coordinates, Pitch.
  • Optional high Resolution Cameras available

With conveyors systems “On the fly” or “Indexing” mode, detection of BGA common defects on a Semiconductor BGA package :-