FOculus T-Series (Tiny size cameras)

The Tiny-series IEEE1394a camera is the smallest of the Foculus family. The robust housing with dimensions of 29 x 29 x 39mm is especially designed to meet the requirements of rough industrial environment. Professionally use in machine vision, Semiconductor inspection, Factory automation, microscopy / medical, quality control, barcode and OCR.

By using the high speed Firewire interface technology, it is able to perform at un-interrupted bandwidth, thus improving data frames transfer rate.  
FOculus cameras come equipped with a line of high-quality CCD and CMOS sensors. Wide range of products extends from several models with VGA or Wide-VGA resolutions and a maximum of 60 fps to high-resolution 3 mega-pixels cameras.
Partial scan capability allows users to achieve higher frame rates at lower resolution. All product models are supported by our FREE FOculus SDK which is activeX compatible.

A table of available FOculus T-Series models can be found Foculus T-Series (hyperlink)

FOculus S-Series (Small size cameras)

The FOculus Small size IEEE1394a has been completed by the FO531SB/SC with a 1/1.8” inch Sony UXGA CCD image sensor and frame rates from 16 fps to 86 fps. Binning, progressive scan and many different shutter modes.

The robust housing with dimensions of 44 x 29 x 63mm is especially designed to meet the requirements of rough industrial environment.

The integration of FOculus is supported through a wide variety of common drivers and allows the easy function of plug-and-play. The software package from NET – viewer application and SDK, makes the integration into existing and fully customized image processing systems simple. The Flexible structured SDK supports individual applications requirements easy and user friendly.

The FOculus family is compatible to software libraries like MVTec Halcon and Active Vision Tools. National Instruments LabView, Cognex Vision Pro and Matrox’s MIL & MIL-Lite

A table of available FOculus S-Series models can be found Foculus S-Series (hyperlink)

GimaGO GigE-Series with Auto IRIS Lens Control

They are best suited for outdoors (sunny or highly reflective) or indoors with low light conditions and remote PC/Camera interface.

GimaGO GigE-Series, with Gigabit Ethernet interface is available with CCD image sensors. They are able to work together with any auto iris motorized lenses seamlessly. Comes with both mono and color versions with resolutions from VGA to UXGA.

A table of available GigE-Series models can be found GimaGO GigE (Pdf File)