The digital microscope cameras of the ProgRes® family are based on more than two decades experience in development and production of high-end digital imaging solutions. The high-quality ProgRes® CMOS cameras and CCD cameras are suitable for all contrast methods in light microscopy and can be easily integrated into each laboratory via C-Mount and USB 2.0/ FireWire interfaces. ProgRes® cameras for microscopy are aimed to provide rapid frame rates while keeping the power consumption at low levels – all this in the sense of a Green Microscopy Approach and for the sake of our environment.

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ProgRes® CMOS Cameras for microscopy or macroscopy

The CMOS cameras of the ProgRes® family offer rapid image refresh rates of up to 35 fps@VGA and have been developed especially for quick and precise setting of specimen and microscope. The premium CMOS technology combined with high resolutions of 3 or 5 megapixel grants high flexibility for routine applications in science and industry as well as the utilisability of the microscope cameras in education institutes and training labs. Due to the good color reproduction of the specimen the user can rely on the extraordinary ProgRes® image quality offered as an important advantage also of our CMOS microscope cameras. The ProgRes® CMOS cameras can be connected to PC by USB 2.0 or FireWire interface, and fit into almost any budget due to their excellent price-performance-ratio.

ProgRes CMOS range:  

ProgRes CT3 Firewire

1/2" Cmos, 3.1mp Color

ProgRes CT3 USB

1/2" Cmos, 3.1mp Color

ProgRes CT5 USB

1/2.5" Cmos, 5mp Color or Mono

User-friendly image capture software included

All ProgRes® digital microscope cameras are supplied with premium image capture software, warranting easy handling and providing the user a large variety of features for optimal image acquisition. Regularly, all users are offered free software updates for WINDOWS and MAC operating systems in our download area. Several camera drivers for a direct integration of ProgRes® microscope cameras into professional image analysis software packages e.g. for scientific or medical image analysis are available and enable the user to have an extensive freedom regarding his choice of an application software.

ProgRes® CCD Routine Cameras for Visual Exact colors

The high performance of the CCD sensors in connection with a low-noise electronics provides the basis for the extraordinary image quality as well as the exact color reproduction of the ProgRes® CCD Routine camera range. With up to 7 mega pixels resolution, these microscope cameras are ideal tools for high quality image documentation and elementary image analysis. Fast live image rates facilitate precise focusing and positioning of specimens. Optionally furnished with cooling the cameras produce excellent digital images of finest color grading for sophisticated applications in science and industry.

ProgRes CCD Routine range:  

ProgRes C3 Firewire

1/1.8" CCD, 3.2mp Color (Optional with Cooling)

ProgRes C5 Firewire

2/3" CCD, 5mp Color (Optional with Cooling)

ProgRes C7 Firewire

1/2.5" CCD, 7.1mp Color (Optional with Cooling)

ProgRes® Image Capture Software

Any ProgRes® microscope camera comes with the powerful ProgRes® CapturePro image capture software. This is a very intuitive software suite, directly guiding the user to the optimal image. Thereby the software is suitable for both routine as well as advanced applications and thorougly designed for using a professional camera on a microscope. The ProgRes® Software can be operated as a StandAlone application and as Twain PlugIn. For system integrators (OEM) a well documented Software Development Kit (SDK) with a sample program and an ActiveX Control are available.

ProgRes® CCD Research Cameras - Microscanning for highest image quality

Based on the sophisticated Microscanning Technology the scanning ProgRes® cameras with 1.4 megapixel sensor resolution deliver absolutely true-color images of up to 12.5 megapixels. Hence they are designed for any contrast method in light microscopy and nearly any application requiring exact color reproduction or outstanding high sensitivity. Additionally, the CCD research cameras are available on an excellent price-performance-ratio.
The ProgRes® Research cameras are furnished with sensitive CCD color or monochrome sensors and have been optimized for applications in exacting tasks, especially in the research field. Brilliant images even with low-light specimen are granted due to the high sensitivity of these models. High live image frame rates as well as a broad dynamic range provide expeditious and smooth workflow. Optionally available with cooling these cameras are also suitable for low-noise long-time exposures.

ProgRes CCD Research range:  

ProgRes CF / MF USB

2/3" CCD, 1.4mp Color or Mono

ProgRes CF / MF Firewire

2/3" CCD, 1.4mp Color or Mono

ProgRes CFcool / MFcool Firewire

2/3" CCD, 1.4mp Color or Mono (Sensor Cooling)

ProgRes CFscan / MFscan Firewire

2/3" CCD, 1.4mp Color or Mono (Sensor Cooling with Microscanning up to 12.5mp)

ProgRes C14plus Firewire

2/3" CCD, 1.4mp Color (Sensor Cooling with Microscanning and Color-Co-Site-Sampling for true-color reproduction up to 12.5mp)

ProgRes® CCD SpeedXT core Cameras

ProgRes® SpeedXT core 3 and SpeedXT core 5 are the first to feature Jenoptik’s innovative SpeedXT core technology providing very fast live speed rates of 17 fps / 13 fps in full resolution of 3 / 5 megapixel. Due to the enhancement of the live image speed in combination with the high resolution the user is enabled to facilitate precise focusing and easy positioning of specimens without interlace effect in a more efficient way - a clear advantage in the analysis of moving objects and routine work in laboratories. Exposure times of up to 180 s ensure optimum captured images, also under low-light conditions. The maximum possible color depth is 36 bit.

ProgRes® CCD SpeedXT core range:  

ProgRes SpeedXT core 3 USB

1/1.8" CCD, 3.2mp Color

ProgRes SpeedXT core 5 USB

2/3" CCD, 5mp Color


• SpeedXT core - outstanding CCD live image speed for easy focusing
• Excellent image quality and high resolution
• Perfect color reproduction
• ProgRes® Capture software for easy operation included
• Easy and fast installation
• Excellent price-performance ratio