The Raytrix 4D lightfield cameras enable a lot more new fields of application in the industrial, security, scientific research, and entertainment segments.            

Fields of application


Automobile industry

3D realtime sensor

Industrial environment

Optical quality inspection, 3D scanning


Computational photography, lightfield cameras, plenoptic- & integral cameras

Image processing & pattern recognition

Robust edge detection, illumination invariance, 3D reconstruction

Medical application

Increasing the depth of field


Increasing the depth of field especially of moving objects. Alternative to "depth-of-focus".


Raytrix plugin software for image post processing. Changing the focal plane and defining an arbitrary focal surface after the image has been taken. Sports photography of rapidly moving objects.


3D input sensor device, e.g. for gaming consoles. Alternative to "time-of-flight" cameras (TOF).

Security monitoring

Traffic control, 3D reconstruction and identification of suspects.



Optical Inspection

Today's high demands on production quality at simultaneous increasing costs require innovative and effective solutions in automated quality inspection systems. The new Raytrix 4D lightfield-camera introduces the following advantages:


Depth of View (DOV)
We will not have to worry about DOV anymore, with just a single shot of image, every detail will be captured.


High quality
3D refocus in realtime, with high resolutions of up to 3 megapixels.


High speed
Complete 4D lightfields and 3D scenes can be captured by only one single camera-shot.


High profitability
Non-mechanical camera operation guarantees high reliability, flexibility and low costs in rough industrial environments.

Raytrix cameras allow a full 3D-refocus of arbitrary focal-surfaces after only one picture of the real 3D scene has been taken.



3D Lightfield Poster

Star Photographer Martin Häusler is shooting stunning 3D Images with his self-developed proprietary lightfield camera system, using multiple cameras combined to a lightfield array as well as his patented software. His images are auto stereoscopic 3D and can be viewed without the need to wear 3D glasses on prints up to life size as well as so called 3D auto-stereo monitors. Raytrix GmbH has teamed up with Martin to develop a compact lightfield camera based on a microlens-array technology - using only one camera and only one lens.


This is going to expand photography by the 3rd dimension as well we will be able to refocus images to any focus point "after" they have been taken with this camera.




3D Lightfield Poster

Only one snapshot is required for the Raytrix camera systems based on light field technology to calculate 3D depth maps and multi view perspectives. The 3D depth information combined with the texture of a face improves and extends facial recognition and classification



Research and Development

Only one snapshot is required for the Raytrix camera systems based on light field technology to calculate 3D depth maps. The 3D depth information combined with the original 2D texture improves 2D image segmentation significantly.



Particle Image Velocimetry

The world’s first Plenoptics solutions for flow Visualization and Analysis using Raytrix R11, with effective resolution of 2.6MP.

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3D Light field Video